Last night I posted this message on the Indiegogo page (after having to donate to be able to post):

Luke Wren here.
I’ve just donated a dollar to this campaign to say that I absolutely do want it to go down. I never even asked or intended for it to go up.
Thanks for the overwhelming support, but this isn’t the sort of support I want.

No going back on that.

Some things to note however:

  • Indiegogo keeps a cut of “failed” projects (I believe 9%?)
  • Pac0master has already paid the Steam Greenlight fee
  • He’s also paid me and an artist for work already completed

Simply put, he’s not in a position to refund everyone’s money completely. (And, as noted in the comments, IGG does not have a “mass refund” feature.)

While I can’t claim to be responsible for any of the choices he made that lead to the current events, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy - he’s in a sticky situation. You may also have noticed he struggles with communication, which doesn’t ease things. Hopefully I can clear it up a bit for him.

If you’ve contacted pac0master to have your money refunded, he will (should) honour the request - but be aware that he can’t refund everyone the full amount.

If I can ease things at all, I’m happy to give the final product for free to all backers, refund or not. (Yes all 496 of you.) My little thanks for the incredible support, whether I asked for it or not.

I hope we can get this sorted out soon, and I can get back to actually programming. (Once exams are out of the way - I am a student.)

Thanks for the patience,


A Few Words About What’s Happening

Some of you might be concerned with some of the recent happenings on Indiegogo and Greenlight - for posterity, here’s a copy of an email I sent to Indiegogo:

Hi there, not sure if this is the best place to send this, but couldn’t see anywhere else;

I’m the programmer behind one of the campaigns on here, “Sinking Simulator”.

The person running the campaign, Pac0master, is what we would call an “ideas guy” - he’s made zero contribution to development. He’s also a bit of a liability, making wild feature promises and expecting me to be able to keep to them

After his latest fantastic promise, I’m “firing the client” - there is no way Pac0master should be involved in the development of the game, so it’s now going to be developed independently. There is also no way he should be trusted with so many people’s money. I guess you should consider the project failed.

If you need any proof of identification, I can provide it - for example, I can link to the GitHub account with the game’s full development history and source code, and post a message of your choice for ID purposes.

I’m asking that the campaign is cancelled, as soon as possible - he has no way of delivering what he’s promising, and the less people donate now the less drama there will be! I’m also contacting Steam to let them know what’s happening.


Luke Wren

So, this is a rather unfortunate turn of events. The game is alive and well though - frankly I’m enjoying development too much to stop, and it’s great to see others enjoying it!

I’ve asked pac0master to leave - not because I’m greedy and because I want to take all the money and credit, but because I think it’s what’s best for the project. One of the reasons was his wild and poorly considered promises - the game is going to go in much more interesting directions if I don’t make too many promises early on, and I’d rather surprise than disappoint. Watch this space.

Thanks for the understanding,


Alpha 1.3 is out!



  • Stress markers are visible through panels - Added x-ray mode
  • Uneven ocean floor (not yet editable, but physics are working)
  • Multithreaded simulation: should run much faster on multicore processors
  • Fixed the “jelly bug” - simulation is much more stable (still issues with spheres)
  • Fixed bug where program would fail to close when a large ship was loaded
  • Added option (Ctrl+R) to reload last ship

Download link: click here!

Have fun with it, and comment below if you have any issues; any form of feedback is helpful to us.

Hello, world!

Hello, world!